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~Additional $5.00 Services~ [Add Ons - Add This To My Photo] 6. Clothing & Hair Edits & Removal of Lint from Clothing, Hair, Etcetera. 7. Cropping 8. Centering 9. Add Caption / Text 10. Shrink / Enlarge Photo 11. "Small" Photo Area Changes/Blending Example: "Remove" Sign/Logo on Hat/Gloves *Note: Missing Area is then Blended to match Surrounding Area Colors. "No Sign/Logo Replacement which would involve "Patchwork" & "Multicolor Area Blending" is Done under "Level 1" Service due to the Amount Of Work Entailed. For Replacements of Multicolored Areas, See: Level 2, Service Number "13" 12. Background Replacement "Level 1" Example: Turn "Plain White Background" into a beautiful Sunrise Background. *Note: Background Must Be Empty & Free of Objects And... "You Must Provide the New Background Image" ~Color Change~ 13. Color Change - Change "1" color in Photo Example: Change Brown Eyes to Light Green 14. Change Entire Photo to *Black & White - Or... Entire Photo can be changed to: Light or Dark *Black Tone, *Blue Tone, *Purple Tone, *Green Tone, *Orange Tone, *Red Tone *Pink Tone, *Yellow Tone, *White Tone **Note: Numbers 6-14 "Individually" = Each $5.00**
Level 1. "Basic" Photo Editing Services Level 1. Photo Services: $5.00 [Perfect My Photo] 1. Photo Lightening / Darkening / Contrast / Color 2. Photo Cleanup / Stain Removal (Floor & Background) 3. Background Color Changes - "Various Colors" *Note: Background Must Be Empty & Free of Objects 4. Red Eye, Skin Blemish Removal & Smoothing 5. Entire Photo Color Enhancement **Note: Numbers 1-5 "Altogether" = Only $5.00**
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Photo Editing & Retouching Starting At $5.00 Per Photo
Recommended: Easily Comment, Chat, Collaborate On and Share Your Original Photo Files With Me Through: Marqueed, Google Drive, Dropbox  & Photobucket. Your Questions, Comments and Ideas are Welcome. Email: - China Alicia Rivera Also, you are welcome to connect with me on Twitter.
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··· ··· ··· SERVICES ··· ··· ··· CUSTOM DESIGNS FOR: PHOTOS HOME PRINTING FLYERS LOGOS BANNERS POSTERS BUSINESS CARDS WEBSITES ADS STICKERS CD/DVD COVERS & MORE. Artist: China Alicia Rivera - Freelance *Photo Editor  *Photoshop Artist  *illustrative Artist  *Graphic/Web Designer Twitter | Location: U.S.A, New York
Send Requests To: (Primary Contact) | Phone: 662.446.2419